Energy Agencies of Sweden

The regional power in transition towards sustainable energy

Energy Agencies of Sweden is the coordinating agency of the Swedish regional energy agencies and other organizations with similar activities. The tasks for the regional energy agencies are to work for an increasing use of renewable energy and an efficient use of energy in their region with consideration to the national and international goals of energy and environment. Several of the regional energy agencies are initiated through the SAVE-programme of EU. In Europe there are about 360 regional energy agencies with similar purposes.

The Energy Agencies of Sweden and its members has years of experience of European project cooperation, both as partner and coordinator. We welcome invitations to a prospective project consortium, doing our share of developing an idea.

Our latest European project were BUILD UP Skills SWEBUILD - Educating energy efficient craftsmen in Sweden to 2020, between 01/09/2014 and 31/08/2017. Contract number: IEE/13/BWI/708/SI2.680176. Read more

Den nationella partnern för regionalt energi- och klimatarbete.



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